Alternate Finish Care

How to Care for Alternative Finishes

Honed, Brushed, Leathered or Concrete Finishes

Stone with alternate finishes require more daily maintenance than polished finishes. Utilize similar products and practices appropriate to your type of stone, but with more frequency and gentleness. Following the proper care and maintenance recommended by your dealer/fabricator and manufacturer will keep your stone surface beautiful for many years to come.


Since there is more exposed surface area with alternate finishes, metal marks, fingerprints, smudges, and other signs of daily living will show on these materials. Alternate finishes are often difficult, if not impossible, to repair. Darker colors will show use more often/quicker than lighter colors.

Routine Care and Maintenance

Simply clean with warm water, a damp cloth, and a small amount of soap or non-abrasive cleaner on a regular basis. Soft Scrub Liquid Gel with Bleach can be used for a weekly deep clean. Dry with a soft cloth to remove water spots. Daily stone cleaners are also available for purchase from many box stores, grocery stores, and hardware stores.

Clean spills and dry water spots immediately on alternate finishes to avoid hard-to-clean spots. Always rinse and dry thoroughly when using a product that may leave a residue. For additional information on caring for your tops, please refer to care and maintenance guidelines for your specific stone.


Premier seals your countertops prior to or at the time of installation using a 15-year sealer- This helps with daily maintenance and should be repeated frequently as needed, regardless of the type of stone you have (granite, quartz, etc). If your countertop needs resealing, please contact us or purchase a granite sealer at your local hardware store.

Recommended Cleaners

  • ZERO Ultimate Surface Cleaner (PGS-endorsed Cleaner)
  • Bar Keepers Friend (PGS recommended favorite)
  • Kenny’s Spot Remover (PGS recommended favorite)
  • Simple Green
  • Diluted Vinegar
  • Formula 409 Glass Cleaner
  • Lysol
  • Greased Lightning

For Stubborn Spots/Deep Cleaning

  • Denatured Alcohol (PGS recommended favorite)
  • Lacquer Thinner
  • Acetone (Nail Polish Remover)

Over time, alternate finishes will develop a character and patina unique to each homeowner. This adds to the soft beauty and weathered style of honed, leathered, etc. stones.

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